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April 13th, 2009

09:59 pm - Miracle Gro
I poked around on Google, but other than some unsavoury looking lawsuits I didn't see much of what I was wondering about. I was given a box of miracle grow (opened and slightly used already, from someone who decided they were done with developing a green thumb for the time being.) and I know from childhood that it works quite well. However I was wondering how it is looked on by the green community. Evil? Semi-evil? Dr. Evil? (not the best, but ultimately won't kill you) or just not as good as natural?
Safe? Unsafe?
Disturbingly corporate?
Not bad as a product, but company is rotten?

I look forward to any input anyone may have.

Extra: I an apartment-gardening, and have roommates that looked at me with shock and horror as they put the kibosh on any worm-compost ideas. I have used the box I was given pretty sparingly, less than a fourth of a teaspoon in an old motts apple juice container that I use to water plants. I have a variety so I am afraid of over-fertilizing.

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April 7th, 2009

09:42 pm - Secondhand Appliances
There are a couple of household things that I would like to get, nothing essential but fun things I would like to have. Things like a waffle iron, a crockpot, a dutch oven, a toaster oven. What i was curious about though, is what is better bought new/lightly used, and what is pretty reliable to get at a thrift store. Some things seem like they are fine to get at thrift stores and other things seem better when bought at garage sales or handed down where the person is more responsible for what they are selling and they can actually assure you that it works or tell you its quirks.
I don't know if this exactly makes sense, but I guess basically what I am asking is: What are the most reliable (and least likely to be secretly gross) appliances to buy at thrift stores? What is the worst (or makes you the most nervous)?
I'd really like to buy used rather than new, and that is how I get plates and pots, but something about appliances reminds me of buying used underwear. Maybe it doesn't make sense.

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February 27th, 2009

05:42 pm - Very, very small cow
Momma miniature cow No. 1 has thwarted my plan to name her baby Sir Loin by cunningly having a heifer calf instead of a bull calf. Less cunningly, she has chosen to have it the day before a snowstorm. Good one, Momma cow.

extreme cuteness alertCollapse )

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February 22nd, 2009

04:15 pm - My miniature cows...
... let me show you them.

I have cows. Miniature Dexter cows. They are pregnant. One of them is *very* pregnant; like, "please don't have this calf in the trailer on the way home" kind of pregnant.

Here they are, playing "Let's get as far away as possible from the two legged predators who want to EAT OUR BABIEZ!!" in their new pasture:

clickie for piccieCollapse )

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December 5th, 2008

12:06 pm - keeping the heat in the house
low cost, low-tech, reusable window insulation systemCollapse )
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